The World of Local Search Engine Optimization in Michigan

Imichigan local search engine optimizationn the world of Social Media and SEO you have to always be learning. But that is also a life lesson to you stop learning. Search engine optimization is something that you have to keep up with and at we try are best to keep clients and like minded people in the loop.  Continue reading

Video Marketing Local Macomb MI Area

video marketing macomb miNow at Broutin Web Publishing we like to keep things basic, and not go overboard. We have worked on many projects over the years big and small and we can share with you that, local marketing is believe or not the best way to get your name out their for people to see.  Continue reading

Using Facebook Advertising in Southeast Michigan

Facebook advertising southeast miOne thing that consumers can’t be blinked to is the banners on Facebook. Advertisers in Southeast Michigan are focusing personalizing ads for users. Facebook ads are becoming more and more effective and what better place to get the data that advertisers want to get than the most popular social media site online. Continue reading