How You Can Find The Right Inventory Management System For Your Business

inventory warehousingFinding the perfect inventory management system for your business can be a lot of hard work and you might want to pull your hair out at times. But it doesn’t have to feel like your going up stream without a paddle.  Continue reading

Why You Should Do Micro Content For Your Business

social media southeast miToday’s talk is about headlines and how they can be productive for you to generate leads. There is new trend for social marketing and its been happening a lot. If you are a small business you need to know what is trending. Headlines for your blog or website in general can make or break you.  Continue reading

New Inventory Management System For Your Business

warehousing inventory management systemSo you have a eCommerce store but you don’t have any back end software? You need that if you want to make your store grow. There are many warehouse management systems out there online but you want one that does it all? I got the software you want to see. Conveyor Ware is your go to tool.  Continue reading

Twitter Is Working For My Business How About Yours?

twitter for businessSo I took a break with Twitter for a few weeks but now I am back up and tweeting. I have generated some traffic again with it and one lead last night so there is some power in tweeting. Don’t let anyone fool you.  Continue reading

The Keys To Small Business Inbound Marketing in Macomb Michigan

small business inbound marketing in MacombI wanted to share this: If you are not on Instagram has a business you might be missing out on a great opportunity for inbound marketing as they call it. Instagram can drive a lot of traffic to your site. But I did find out that most people want to see that you are a real account so when posting you want to make it look or feel that its real life. Continue reading

2 Things That Help Your Website Ranking in Michigan Business

SEO in Macomb MI for small businessSo as a business in Macomb Michigan you want to know how to rank your website? Well the answer may come to some of you easily or not so easy to most. Traffic is the key to making sales and sales only come online if people know about you. Now you can go to and get yourself some books to read up on social media or SEO. Or you can read online too.  Continue reading