3 Mistakes Your Making With Social Media

social media mistakes

Social media needs to be huge for your business and if its not you need to find the boat and get on it ASAP. There is no doubt that you need it because most of your customers flock  to social media before making a purchase. Here are top 3 Mistakes Your Taking on Social Media.

  1. Over looking the value of a social media presence – Social media is huge for growing a start up, look at hootsuite.com or SproutSocial.com
  2. Don’t just use social media has a sales channel – Talk to your followers make them want to talk to you
  3. Don’t just create a page and leave it for dead! – Too many companies do this and its not good. Be active on it everyday!

Websites are know to do this a lot especially eCommerce websites and to change it up a bit come up with a social media plan that works for you and your customers. Social media is a great tool, now work it.

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