4 Pitfalls A Marketer Needs To Know With Online Advertising

pitfalls of social media

Digital marketing can be hard now and if your ads aren’t being seen it can be even harder to get out there. Here are a few ways to overcome the pitfalls of advertising online. 

  1. Advertising nobody sees.
    To combat this tough issue, buy advertising from companies that assure your ads will be seen. Build a relationship with companies that can get your ads in front of a large audience.
  2. Google’s changing SEO algorithm.
    Google quietly and unexpectedly changed its SEO algorithm and caused quite a stir in the marketing community. And when they do this it can be a real pistol to keep on top of it. But just keep in tune with the guidelines that Google as set out. And make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly.
  3. Ineffective consumer targeting.
    Targeting is absolutely required for garnering a following and making sales. You don’t want there to be a disconnect with your brand and your consumer.
  4. Poor email growth.
    Growing your email list growth should be your top priority. E-mail marketing is still a very effective way to get customers.

Your eCommerce website should embrace most of these marketing suggestions.

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