4 Techniques That Facebook Can Offer eCommerce Webstore Owners

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So what’s an eCommerce website expert have for Facebook? Here are 4 things that you can do now as a eCommmerce website owner to get more activity on your Facebook page.

1) Share useful tips, tricks, and articles.

People are always looking to information. Share the articles and the cool things that you find. Visitors will engage a lot more. Post about what keeps people entertained.

2) Change your cover image for new listings.

Change it up a bit. Change up your FB cover image to new and exciting images.

3) Start using Instagram.

Its another avenue for you to share with your following and get your brand out there. But if you takes multiple pictures lets say, over the weekend of one thing. Just post it once on your FB page.

4) Embrace Vine & Videos

Have fun with the videos. Remember they don’t always have to be professional. Short and sweet works best!

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