5 Great Reasons to Have A Multi Voice Blog

multi voice blog ecommerceThere are tons of voices online and you want to make your blog one of them? Here are 5 reasons why you need more than just one person blogging for you.

  1. Varied Voices: When a brand limits its blog to the voice of one or two bloggers, it misses out on an opportunity to showcase the diversity of its employees. And that can reach the masses if you let it.
  2. Critical Insights: A topic can be mastered only by delving into it. Learn the challenges and master them in the blog post.
  3. Authentic Authority: Just as your brand’s experts know the problems your audience is struggling with, they also know the answers. Be the source that everyone wants to use.
  4. A Safeguard Against the Inevitable: People leave, but blogs remain. Don’t become so dependent on one voice.
  5. Invested Employees: Brands and their audience aren’t the only ones who benefit from a multi-author blog. Your employees can build a brand to. Like I was Nick The Car Guy back in the day!

Or you can also have a brand that a employee started that just takes off. Think about these things for your eCommerce website blog too!

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