6 Things You Never Want To Share On Social Media

social media dontsSocial media has made it possible for anyone to share content with everyone online rather you know them or not. But we now have a list that you should check out before you publish your content to the world. Lets start the list:

  1. Never post anything offensive, you never know who is reading and watching. ( its your brand) look at getting a social media tool like sproutsocial.com.
  2. Don’t call people or business out on social media. Its all in bad taste and it can ruin a relationship in more than one way.
  3. Claim other peoples content as your own, if you take it ask or gave them a shout out so people know where the content originated.
  4. Don’t talk negatively about a co-worker, your boss, or employer. That can get you in deep and if your looking for a new job, you might be looking for a while.
  5. When you go on vacation, you might want to wait until your back to post. because again you never know who is watching.
  6. Lastly, you don’t want to share anything that you don’t want online that is private forever.


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