6 Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Customer Service

customer service social media

Every morning I listen to pod casts about social media and today’s was about customer service and how you should deal with it on social media. Now the insight was very  interesting. Never would you think that listening to comments and how you respond would make a new customer but it makes sense.

Social media in a way is a new search engine. Here are some tips I would like to express.

  1. Pinpoint a plan for how you will deal with a customer on social media
  2. Look for tools that will help you reach out to the customer like, Hootsuite.com, campaigner.com, ubuildapp.com, surveyconsole.com, streamsend.com, sproutsocial.com,
  3. Address complaints .. and fast. Every minute matters on social media
  4. Get feedback online or offline (get surveys working for you)
  5. Use your employees for insight on what they have heard from people
  6. Online reviews will help you

Customer service is hard in any industry but if you have a plan for it. You are doing better than 56% of the companies out there and don’t forget your eCommerce website needs to also have good customer service online and off.

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