9 SEO Tips For eCommerce Websites

SEO for eCommerceHere is a break down of what is good practice of “good SEO” in the eCommerce world. These tips for SEO can be used for any website but focus them more for your eCommerce needs. 

  1. Keyword research – The most important thing you can do in SEO for any website.
  2. Responsive Design – Because most mobile users want to see your products on any device and it helps with your ranking.
  3. Each page should have an original title tag, making sure each page is different is one of the most important on page SEO tip we can share.
  4. Every product page should have unique content that is real. Google likes to see real content. Your product pages should be descriptive.
  5. Reviews are huge for a eCommerce website and it helps increase sales.  Buyers like to see how a product is before they buy.
  6. Use a blog its a great way to add additional content to your website, it can help with social media engagement.
  7. Being active on social media is not a bad idea. Blogging and social media go hand and hand. Social media can attract more visitors to your eCommerce website.
  8. Page urls can help you out a lot. Specific product urls can help the search out. (Good EX: myecommercesite.com/wilson-football) (Bad EX: myecommercesite.com/202930-football-sos-292
  9. Meta description can help you with your CTR (Click Thru Rate) the better the description is written and the more you give the more clicks.

There is a lot that goes into planning for SEOing a page but the list below is the top tips you should be aware of.

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