A Quick Guide To Put Social Media on Your Career Radar

social media tips

Every one wants in on the social media ladder “a career”. I mean who we joking its a FUN job and one that you don’t have to take that serious. But you still need to put in your time.

Here are 5 or less tips and techniques for the social world.

  1. Social Media Analytics (Learn how to measure the unmeasurable)
    Working in social media, you are responsible for spreading brand awareness and bringing leads into the funnel. Do the best with what you have.
  2. Learn To Love Writing
    A huge part of any social media strategy is having great content to share. So write on something your passionate about.
  3.  Break Out Your Inner Artist With Image Design
    You won’t need to wait for your graphic designer or web developer to create an image for you if you know how to do this yourself. There are many tools to use for graphics. I use Canva.com. The blog image for this post was made with it.
  4.  Put On Your Sherlock Hat And Search Engine Optimize
    As a social media marketer, spreading awareness is one of your daily tasks.  Search Engine Optimization is really just another way to help your brand to grab attention.
  5.  Keep Up To Date On Industry Knowledge
    The worlds of both social media and marketing itself are always changing. Its vital to stay on top of your industry because you want to be the best.


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