Why You Should Do Micro Content For Your Business

social media southeast miToday’s talk is about headlines and how they can be productive for you to generate leads. There is new trend for social marketing and its been happening a lot. If you are a small business you need to know what is trending. Headlines for your blog or website in general can make or break you.  Continue reading

Facebook Packages For Your Small Business in Southeast Michigan

small business marketing southeast miNow here is something that is kind of funny there are so many businesses out there that do Facebook marketing but does it work? Probably not. I know of a real estate agent that doesn’t know a lot about the internet and he went and tried to put an ad out on Facebook at $50 a day which in my opinion is a lot but not to most small businesses. Continue reading

Your Go To Michigan SEO Services

Michigan seo servicesLead generation is a sticky game but if you do it right, it will pay off for you. Now if you don’t have a budget for Michigan SEO services, you will want to make sure you have one sometime in the 2015 year. And here is why: Continue reading

Biggest Keys For Marketing in Southeast Michigan

tweeting in southeast miFor the last few months we have been generating leads and let us tell you that it takes a lot of work to keep up with a web presence in Macomb Michihgan. Continue reading