SEO Does Work For Sales and Leads in Michigan

seo does work in MichiganHey you want to watch how you advertise on Facebook. (I mean paid advertising) the cost of conversations can really get you depending on the time of year. I know 2 months ago I did a lot of Facebook ads for auto loans. Turned on ads one week and turned them off the following week to see what kind of numbers I was getting to compare. Continue reading

Why You Need To Hire Problem Solving SEOs

problem solver seosMaybe you need to hire a SEO problem solver? What is that you ask? Well, its someone that interpret data for you. What they can do for you is make it easy for you to know the data you are after and be able to report on information that would help you in other business decisions. Continue reading

The Keys To Small Business Inbound Marketing in Macomb Michigan

small business inbound marketing in MacombI wanted to share this: If you are not on Instagram has a business you might be missing out on a great opportunity for inbound marketing as they call it. Instagram can drive a lot of traffic to your site. But I did find out that most people want to see that you are a real account so when posting you want to make it look or feel that its real life. Continue reading

2 Things That Help Your Website Ranking in Michigan Business

SEO in Macomb MI for small businessSo as a business in Macomb Michigan you want to know how to rank your website? Well the answer may come to some of you easily or not so easy to most. Traffic is the key to making sales and sales only come online if people know about you. Now you can go to and get yourself some books to read up on social media or SEO. Or you can read online too.  Continue reading

Social Media Platforms You Should Be Paying Attention To in Business

social media for businessAs a business the big question is what social media platform is the best for you. Now I don’t know if your reading this for business or fun. So I am just going to stick to the business side of social media and what the platforms can do for you.¬† Continue reading

Your Go To Michigan SEO Services

Michigan seo servicesLead generation is a sticky game but if you do it right, it will pay off for you. Now if you don’t have a budget for Michigan SEO services, you will want to make sure you have one sometime in the 2015 year. And here is why: Continue reading