eCommerce Website & Social Media


One thing that we have learned about eCommerce websites in MI is that you have to stay consistent. Here are 7 tips that you need to know about social media and eCommerce before you start. 

  1. Identify Audience

    Social media takes an incredible amount of research. Get to know the people you are talking too.

  2. Determine Voice

    I’m a huge Dr. Who fan, and if you’re not, bear with me for a bit. Find out how to talk to your audience and what they like and what they want to hear from you. Blog posts are good for this!

  3. Remember to Interact

    Social media is a lot more than posting content and then checking back later. Join the conversation or just start one. Message with your visitors.

  4. Understand Work

    As I mentioned before, when I tell people I manage social media the common perception is that anyone can do my job.There is a lot of behind the scenes things like, content writing, analytics, and interaction.

  5. Share Photos

    As humans we gravitate towards engaging visual content. When I scroll through my own feeds, A lot people scroll through feeds until something captures their eye.

  6. Use Tools

    There are some great social media management tools out there like Buffer, Sprout Social, and that are prefect for social media.

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