Google Ranking Today

google ranking

Just a general question here that I am going to ask about Google’s search engine? Did Google change the way the listings show up? Earlier today I saw the 2 buttons at the top of the web browser that lets me see my personal local listings like Google Plus posts and the real live listings that I see when I click on the globe.

But they are gone and I am see a lot more of my personal G+ listings. Don’t know if this is bad but would like to see something wrote about it.

The website traffic has been down a little but it is gaining some speed. But I still would love a few more clicks. If anyone is struggling with traffic we should talk!

Am I rank that high

Some of my ranks I don’t know if they are real or not I can’t tell if I really rank that high. The keyword I am talking about is “99 down cars in atlanta ga”. Google says that I am #5 and oh yeah.. I notice there aren’t any ads on the searches I am doing.

Maybe I should clear my history? Nah, to much work.

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