How Back To School Social Media Is A Lot Like Vegas

back to school social mediaGet back to school ready with these tips on Social Media. You want to stay safe and connected with your friends while your back at school. 

  • Friends – consider who you allow into your “friends circle” you never know who is watching. Have social media tools that can help you watch over the accounts you have made.
  • Privacy – Know how to set the privacy to your liking, and what and where you want to share. A lot of social media websites have the agreement still in the “fine print” so be aware. Also, make sure your school or campus is secure!
  • Watch what you post – The internet is kind of “forever” and what is on it says there. Its also a lot like what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
  • Photos – are a big topic online and staying in some kind of guidelines may work out in your favor. Remember the first picture they see is the first impression.
  • Report any odd activities – Accounts get hacked daily, just want to share that you can get help. Most social networks have help links or centers for this kind of thing.

Have fun but stay safe and that goes for Michigan eCommerce websites safety is key to. You want to keep your information safe.

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