SEO Does Work For Sales and Leads in Michigan

seo does work in MichiganHey you want to watch how you advertise on Facebook. (I mean paid advertising) the cost of conversations can really get you depending on the time of year. I know 2 months ago I did a lot of Facebook ads for auto loans. Turned on ads one week and turned them off the following week to see what kind of numbers I was getting to compare.

My budget was set low and I hit over 14K with a $20 spend a day, the campaign was ran for 3 days. I got 97 clicks I believe. Not to bad. About 18 leads in three days. The next week I just ran organic and did a week of SEO.

And the results might amaze you, I generated 16 leads, with no money spent. So my thoughts on paid advertising are unless you have a large budget or want to target a geo targeted area for a month or so do paid ads.

If not, SEO for a month and you might see the same results. Plus you won’t have to pay for the uptick of daily clicks. Even through its still small, my cost per click day cost 16 cents to start and 19 cents on the last day.

Plus you could always pause the ad campaigns if you aren’t hitting your numbers. But SEO does work for leads and sales.

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