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The search engines are constantly changing and your competitors are changing. In this dynamic and competitive environment, achieving top rankings in the major search engines is an ongoing process that involves a significant amount of work and expertise, experience that most businesses don’t have the time or training to do successfully. This is why many companies hire SEO professionals to manage their search marketing programs for them.

We can usually work with any business’s budget. Call us today at 586-991-1433 for a free SEO/online marketing consultation.


SEO Packages Basic Standard Deluxe
Keywords  little-blue-check-mark little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
Articles  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
Backlinks  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
Web Master Tools  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
Sitemap  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
Facebook  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
Twitter  little-blue-check-mark little-blue-check-mark  little-blue-check-mark
PPM Basic Standard Deluxe
Keywords 2 Keywords 4 Keywords 6 Keywords
Articles 1 Per Week 2 Per Week 4 Per Week
Backlinks 4 Links Weekly 4 Links Weekly
Tracking Yes Yes
Off Site PR 5 Hrs Monthly 10 Hrs Monthly 14 Hrs Monthly

**Note: Hourly rate starts at $125  ** If over hours, charge of $4.00 an hour will be added to the $125

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