Social Media Platforms You Should Be Paying Attention To in Business

social media for businessAs a business the big question is what social media platform is the best for you. Now I don’t know if your reading this for business or fun. So I am just going to stick to the business side of social media and what the platforms can do for you. 

Now everyone knows about Facebook and how you should be on it as a business it does drive a lot of traffic but there are 2 things you need to do daily for Facebook to work.

  1. Post on your Facebook daily
  2. Interact with people (grow your following)

If you can do that you got something that can stick on Facebook. But if not you can have someone do the posting for you. Right now we are offering for the month of May $100 a week for Social media posting up to 12 a week and page optimizing. Which means:

  • H1 Tags and Title Tags
  • Fix any dead links
  • Fix any redirects

That service is include but only up to 10 hours a week, so for an extra $25 a week you can get what we like to call the “web maintenance package”.


Now for Twitter which as turned out to be my favorite platform, because if you use it right you can generate. You have to tweet close to 100 tweets a day to make it worth your while.

Using hashtags is going to boost your visibility too!


Google + is another social media that you can use but you again have to be active on it to see that it works. I post a lot of my blogger posts on G+ and it does get a lot of stickiness (which is good!).

And there again you have to use hashtags to boost your audience. I am going to do a few post on G+ today and see how they do and I can later tell you how it went. G+ is not a failure like you might read it just never caught on with people but its a great place to get extra links for your business.

The next one, is Instagram now I wouldn’t recommended unless you are a service that people need like carpet cleaning, plumbing, limo service, or lawn care. But pictures can make or break you. And on social media once you are broke it can be an up hill battle to get to the top again.

I know a lot of hair dressers that use Instagram for business and its always nice to see new content or pictures up and floating around. It means two things for the customer.

  1. The stylist is busy
  2. And you can see their work

The last social media platform is Linkedin, now if you want to grow your network and find more people that can help you in business Linkedin is for you. I update mine daily and connect with people when I can. Connecting is a huge part of Linkedin and you need to be apart of it.

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