The 2 Things You Could Be Missing With Your Southeast Michigan Website

social media southeast misocial media southeast miAfter talking to many clients about their websites its become clear that there are 2 things companies don’t know and they are:

  1. Cost
  2. Reporting

Two of the most important things to have when your dealing with a website. You don’t want to be under sold and you want to be treated fairly. With we can do both for you, just give us a call

Cost to any website does vary, you could get a website for $300-$400 and not see the designer again or you can spend $1,000-$1,500 and talk to the designer everyday.

We like to do things the second option way, we want to give you a website you can be proud of, and yes it will cost a pretty penny but as a company isn’t that what you want is to be proud of what you are building?

Now with reporting we want to make sure you are reaching your goals and target goals that can be reached and that begins with the right reporting and research.

We are your go to Southeast Michigan social media firm.

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