Twitter For Lead Generation Business in Michigan

twitter for businessDoes Twitter really help you generate leads and the answer might be surprising but yes. Last month I was able to generate over 10 leads from Twitter. But I didn’t see a boost in my traffic I just saw a few spikes.

I was tweeting almost everyday about 50-100 tweets for auto loans and real estate. Last month I had a lead count of 32 real estate leads, 10 auto loan leads and 2 carpet cleaning leads.

Now that isn’t bad but I need more leads just like any business. I am always working on real estate leads but auto loan leads need to be a little higher. And I would have to say that 70% of the leads came from Twitter.

Not bad, the platform I use is I do a lot of automated tweets that help with retweets. If you need help setting something up like that for your business in Macomb Michigan let me know and I can assist you.

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