Use The Tactic of User Engagement in 2016

user engagementYou want to appeal to people via your website? Engage them with an offer! Not just any offer you have to have an offer that they like. Probably something that makes  them want to come back to your website.

So if you have a Nike shoe blog you might want to engage your readers with a 30% off coupon for the shoes you blog about. Or you can give them a coupon code for entering their email to your website.

See in 2016 its all going to be about how much you engage your reader, so you better have some good content that people want to read, and hey, why not shop at they have to have some “after Christmas” shoes you like!

Also, make sure you have a step up on your competitors with mobile. Text messaging is good for sales (especially with teens). We also recommend watching webinars in 2016.

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