Using Less Twitter Hashtags Will Help With Marketing

twitter hashtagsQuick question for all of you? Do you want to increase your reach on Twitter? If not, you can read this anyways. So after doing a couple of hours of reasech online about Twitter I have come up with this article. 

Twitter is a massive tool and you can become a branding powerhouse if you can use it right. There is no if ands about it. But if your thinking that hashtagging the crap out of a tweet or two? Your WRONG to do that and here is a few reasons why? ..

  • You look unprofessional with to many hashtags
  • You are most likely spamming Twitter
  • No one cares and you have 140 characters so use them wisely

Now I am not going to lie to you I have be using the bad tactic of spamming Twitter with hashtags, until today! It all kind of changed for me. I sent out a tweet earlier in the day and I mean within 1 minute it got a retweet. Not a heart but a retweet I am not fond of hearting tweets. But the larger picture here is that I was able to reach 20 more impressions with a retweet and that is what social media is about BRANDING!

So here is the point I want to make less is more .. it really is, keep your hashtags down to 2 a tweet and make your tweets something to remember .. But I will talk about that later.

Need help with your Twitter marketing? 

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