Video Marketing Local Macomb MI Area

video marketing macomb miNow at Broutin Web Publishing we like to keep things basic, and not go overboard. We have worked on many projects over the years big and small and we can share with you that, local marketing is believe or not the best way to get your name out their for people to see. 

Currently we are working on a project and we have been working on it for about 7 months now and we are always looking for ways to not just get the phone number in the Macomb County area but most importantly get the name out there.

See if you make the name and the logo easy to remember, than people will make it easy for you to search.

A couple months ago, we came up with an idea called the 5 second video, whats cool about it is that its a simple idea for local advertising. The ad doesn’t talk it just has keywords, if you want to get more info on the project….Email us at

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