What Happens When You Post Every Images on Instagram

instagram posting everydaySo last week I went to Piada (its italian street food) and for the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with Instagram and I have had some success I gained 12 followers in about 10 mins. That’s my claim of the week. 

But I want to share what happen after I posted a picture of what I got at Piada. So it was about 2 hours after I ate Piada that I got a comment from some one .. I didn’t know who .. but it was Piada and it was kind of exciting.

That being social and posting pictures was going to get me so much interaction but it truly does.

My tip for you: is to spend about an 1 hour on your social media of choice and see what happens .. You build it they will come.  Try posting on histogram everyday!

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