What Is The Best Social Network For You

best social network for your niche

If you are having a hard time deciding on what social media network to do most of your “dirty work” on. Let me shed some good advice on it for you. 

With affiliate marketing focus is really the number one thing. Don’t chase every new idea that comes your way. If your always a busy bee and have your hands in something that is good but you will never be able to see the true fruits of your labor.

Target one thing an make it pop for you and than you can add more to your plate if you want to. For my self I own a whole bunch of auto loan websites that I want to get booming and I am almost there.

I also have a plumbing and carpet cleaning website that needs help.

But to answer the question of what social network is going to work best for you? That’s up to you and your goals! Or yeah, and your Niche.

Now using buzzsumo.com you can see what social media can get you the most shares. I just typed in Auto Loans & Subprime Auto Loans. And found out that Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus are the social media networks I want to look at.

Talk to your audience and see what they have to say about your links on social media? Maybe you can make them more enticing to click on? Email might be the best way to get that answer! (Tip: Look at where your blog shares are coming from).

Study reports of your Niche see what your competitors are sharing and where.

Finally, just focus on one network, you may ask why? Because you can spread yourself thin but consider what your brand could do if you focus on one network!

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