Why Content Is Big For Mobile Websites

traffic for mobile websitesThe question we have is who is looking at our content and the answer isn’t always easy. But here is some FACTS as we go into the 2016 year and that is write for everyone. You never know who is going to be reading or sharing.

This morning I read something very interesting that 56% of visitor of sports nick nacks where women, 68% online people that were shopping for body and skin were men. And that people that need a home improvement service done in their home were women that searched on their smartphone.

So you can’t count out mobile ever. Local is where people online are searching this year. This should also tell you that anyone is your buyer and you need a mobilized website more than ever.

Its time to get serious about your traffic start now!

You can never have to much content out there on your website for the sake of someone reading it. Social is still high priority and you need to stay focused on it.

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