Why Talk About Local Rankings?

Seo in Macomb MichiganYou know what spending hours online does for me? As a content writer or half time blogger. It inspires me to blog more and write good content. I am saying this because usually I’m on the web all day and I come up with these ideas. They might not work but its worth a shot! 

Blogging is funnier than not blogging. Even if you have nothing to say some days people still want to read it! That’s what a community is. Not all your blog post have to make sense and from what I have been reading all day people online like to read about the “human prospective”. Not a companies point of view, but your own.

No matter what it is you have to relate to it some how for people to share it. No one shares crap!

If you have an opinion share it. I just had to write this all down before I forgot it. Have fun with your blog it makes people think of you more as a person than a article blogger.

Yes I can sit here and talk to you about what SEO is going to do for you locally in 2016 but I might lose you if your ready to read about the Superbowl. Yes I write and like Football too!

But wouldn’t you love to talk more about the Detroit Lions and how they suck? Than how to rank locally in Macomb Michigan? Well it does suck that the Lions aren’t in the playoffs but hey its Detroit!

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