Why Your CEO Should Blog 5 Tips For Every Big Wig

ceo bloggingThere’s many reasons why you should be blogging but there are reasons why your CEO should be blogging too! Here are about 5 reasons why your BOSS should be blogging.

  1. It puts a face to your organization. A CEO is almost always the best single human asset a company has, particularly start-ups and smaller companies. Your CEO can make the face of your company.
  2. Blogging explains your vision to multiple audiences. A CEO blog opens communications with audiences both internal and external, offering an unfettered channel to deliver clear messaging. People would love the opportunity to have a conversation with the big wig on campus.
  3. It makes the CEO a visible expert in his or her field. All CEOs have a vision for their company, but they don’t always have a platform to articulate that vision. The visitor might like to see and hear what the CEO is doing and has to say.
  4. Blogging builds a reliable communications channel. Every CEO believes that she or he should be regularly communicating with key audiences, but many fail to practice it. Also, it gives the audience a sense of talking to the decision makers in the company.
  5. It positions the CEO’s personal brand. Let’s be real here. Every CEO will say that a blog should promote their business goals, but an ancillary benefit is that it promotes the CEO’s personal brand, too. A blog post is suppose to share both a personal story and have a business like feel to it.

Even your eCommerce website blog should have a “big wig” talking on it. Maybe, an influencer.


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